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Hello! I'm Becca Flatt MSW, CSWA

I am an adult adoptee and a Master’s Level Social Worker and Clinical Social Work Associate based out of the Portland Oregon Metro area. I'm currently working toward licensure and I provide adoption competent mental health treatment to adult adoptees across the spectrum of adopted life experiences. I started this blog and podcast to help shine a light on the need for adoption competent treatment that is lacking in mental health and other healing spaces. My hope is that the adoptees walk away understanding that their voices matter when it comes to getting the care that supports their needs, and healing professionals walk away with the understanding that really listening to adoptees is one of the only pathways to being adoption competent. The only people who are qualified and who understand what it means to be adopted are adoptees.

Mending the Adopted Heart is a resource intended only for informational purposes and should not be considered as a replacement for mental health treatment. Please consult with a qualified mental health provider. 

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