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My Pivot: Grappling With the Shadows

Y'all I Gotta Bee Me!

So I posted this video on Instagram.

I am pivoting because I am an artist. At the end of the day, to me, therapy is art. I do not have to cite sources to sense that I am legit take me seriously or don't. I know my Ancestors (Ase) stitched messages into quilts to find their way to freedom as do I now. I know because it is sewn into the very fabric of my being. I know who I am because of the griots (Ase) their sources are as valid as any study telling me about how far my communities need to go. My Grandma T told me the story of her and my Grandpa T's trip across the US in 1950 to get away from the South. She knew what I didn't at the time that we are absolutely each other holders of the truth in our hearts. Our hearts know where to sew.

With Genuine Care,



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