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Re-Introduction: The Places I've Been

I'm back, reignited after a two-year hiatus from blogging, creating, and engaging with my online community. These years have been transformative, reshaping my views on family and self through profound healing and growth. I've discovered trust in others and, importantly, in myself.

Let me share a brief journey through these transformative years:

Family Dynamics: A critical health crisis within my family reshaped my worldview and my interactions within it. I navigated estrangement and reconciliation with my parents, facing and healing from past traumas.

Social Life: I've redefined my social circle, distancing from those who couldn't fully embrace my identity as a Black adoptee. Embracing those who love me authentically, I've found solace in my D-9 Sorority and established healthier boundaries.

Career Path: After completing my licensing hours and overcoming a professional setback, I became a licensed LCSW. This journey, though challenging, led to newfound clarity.

Mental Health: The battle with depression, recognition of my neurodivergence, and struggles with C-PTSD and agoraphobia marked my path. Yet, the partnership with my service dog, Imani, and ongoing therapy have brought me unprecedented peace and hope.

Physical Well-being: My health has been a silver lining, with my Rheumatoid Arthritis in remission and stability in other conditions—a rare unchanged aspect of my life.

Re-emerging with Insight:

Now, I return to my creative pursuits with a deeper understanding of my journey. Recognizing my neurodivergence and C-PTSD, I see the importance of sharing my story to connect with others who face similar challenges.

Commitment to Connection:

I'm rededicating myself to blogging, art, and storytelling, aiming to reflect and represent the diverse experiences of being biracial Black (white), queer, neurodivergent, and adopted. Through the work I've done with my family and building my community, I've learned the power of thoughtful vulnerability and support. I'll talk about experiences and my parts through various forms of art. Join me as we explore these narratives together.

Thank you for being part of my journey.

With genuine care,



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